How do high priority support tickets work?

We operate a priority system on incoming support tickets as it allows us to provide our customers with a more effective support service.

We allow all customers to submit an unlimited number of Standard Priority tickets but only offer a limited number of High Priority tickets. This allows us to better organise our time around working on the issues that are most important to you.

Our support team aims to provide a response (but not necessarily a fix/solution) within 72 hours (usually much faster). We provide this target to set your expectations and to allow for global time differences, weekends, and public holidays. In busy periods, High Priority tickets will always be at the top of the support queue.

We always try to be fair to our customers, so if we think a High Priority ticket doesn’t deserve to be counted towards your quota then we will not count it (at our discretion).

If you are just asking for information about how to use the software then we would recommend submitting your ticket as Standard Priority as the ticket priority will not typically affect the speed at which you receive a response in this case.

We are happy to receive feature requests and will review them on a case-by-case basis. Setting a feature request as High Priority does not affect the likelihood of the feature being added.

For exact details of your support agreement please see your EULA. The information provided above may not necessarily reflect your specific agreement.

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