What does my support ticket status mean?

Each support ticket has one of 6 statuses, each with different meanings.

  • Waiting for Support - The ticket is waiting for a response from a support team member.

  • Waiting for Customer - The ticket requires additional information or input from the reporter. This may mean that the ticket is blocked until the additional information is provided.

    This allows the support team to know the ticket is currently on hold until the missing details are provided (at which point the ticket is automatically set to Waiting for Support).

  • In Progress - The ticket has been assigned and is being investigated.

  • Canceled - The ticket is no longer required and the reporter has selected “Cancel Request”. This status is solely for the reporter to use.

    This allows the support team to know the reporter does not require further support.

  • Resolved - The reported issue has been resolved and tested by the support team or your query has been answered in full.

    This allows the support team to know the ticket has been resolved and requires no further work.

  • Closed - The ticket has been resolved or canceled and no further activity is expected.

    Responses will still notify the assigned support team member. For new issues, a new ticket should be raised.

This approach allows the support team to effectively handle our tickets and track the current state and required actions for each ticket to provide you with better support.

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