How to submit your form in FormVu?

FormVu provides the FormVuAPI JavaScript API to assist with submitting your filled PDF form data. At present, this works in AcroForm files and there are two outputs supported:

  1. Form Data
  2. JSON

How to access the FormVuAPI JavaScript API

See our related FAQ on how to access the FormVuAPI

Submit as Form Data:

To output the form data in the same format as an HTML Form, you can use the following JavaScript:


This submission uses a POST request containing all form fields of the converted document. This includes the field names and their values.

It uses the same format an HTML form would use if the encoding type were set to “multipart/form-data”.

Submit as JSON:

To output the form data as JSON, you can use the following JavaScript:


This will send the form data to the URL specified as a POST request.

The output JSON that is sent across is available in the following format:

    data: {
        "form-key-a": "form-value-a",
        "form-key-b": "form-value-b"