December 2017 Release Notes

Release date: 5th December 2017

Next Release: 2nd January 2018


  • [HTML-3016] - Forms viewer has updated look and feel
    The viewer has been given a more professional appearance

  • [HTML-3017] - XFA Improvements
    Improved support for for XFA features


  • [HTML-3005] - Do not HTML encode entities inside the search.json file
    HTML encoded values no longer used

  • [HTML-2987] - Prevent text split on non spacing characters causing dotted circles from appearing
    Improved display of arabic text

  • [CORE-2941] - Initial support for AES-256 Revision 6 encryption added
    We have added initial support for AES-256 Revision 6 encryption (This requires BouncyCastle to work)

  • [CORE-2943] - ConcurrentHashMap used for static HashMaps accessed by multiple threads
    ConcurrentHashMap is now used for static HashMaps that may be read/written to by multiple threads

  • [CORE-2936] - Core code improvements
    Removal of obsolete collections and unused code along with tidying up assignments and other small improvements

  • [CORE-2929] - Check feasibility of using CryptoStream as input method
    We have been looking into adding CryptoStream as another possible input method

  • [HTML-2916] - æ is converted to “ae” in page content

  • [CORE-2925] - Shrunken images are being discoloured

  • [CORE-2867] - File is slow to convert

  • [CORE-2911] - JVM crash when Stroke (with dasharray) value is below 0.07

  • [CORE-2927] - PDF cannot create mask image of 50000 x 50000 pixels

  • [CORE-2944] - Race condition on disk when multiple processes are running concurrently

  • [CORE-2950] - Text stream reading throwing index out of bounds exception

  • [CORE-2953] - SVG path line width being drawn overly large

  • [CORE-2960] - Multi-threaded mode generates overlong path in ObjectStore

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