January 2018 Release Notes

Release date: 22nd December 2017

Next Release: 6th February 2018

Release Notes:

  • [CORE-2936] – General code improvements
    Removing redundant collections, fields and return statements along with adding extra safety checks involving type-checking methods and ensuring variables that should be are final

  • [HTML-3021] - Internal tidying of classes between modules to improve orgnisation
    Classes tidied

  • [CORE-2932] – Setting password on non-encrypted file will now encrypt cached streams on disk
    If a password is set on a non-encrypted file then it will now be used to encrypt cached object streams

  • [HTML-3015] - Fallback font error if temp directory cleared during conversion

  • [CORE-2961] - Digital signature placed in wrong position on page

  • [CORE-2962] - Extra characters appearing when file rendered

  • [CORE-2976] - End of Array not correctly handled in Obj

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