November 2018 Release Notes

Release date: 6th November 2018

Next release: 4th December 2018


  • [HTML-3154] - Switch to JDeli for writing out JPEG images in FormVu
    Improves color accuracy and provides sharper reds/blacks with minimal change in file size and writing performance


  • [HTML-3193] - Inaccurate text appearance caused by browser not loading font
    Adjusted font handling so that browser will load the font

  • [CORE-3265] - Corrupt compressed ref table results in image being ignored

  • [HTML-3172] - Shade is not appearing
    Fixes shade not appearing when no shape is provided

  • [HTML-3181] - Account for any Italic setting in CFF Font Dictionary in ShapeText mode
    Fixes text not correctly appearing italicised

  • [HTML-3164] - Text positioning of some characters is incorrect
    Fixes rounding issue which inadvertently caused a positive gap to be interpreted as a negative one

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