April 2019 Release Notes

Release date: 2nd April 2019

Next release: 14th May 2019


    • [HTML-3236] - Add flag to disable FDFXFA_PDFDump & FDFXFA_Menu
      New configuration options to finer control over the viewer
  • [HTML-3231] - Add human-reabable error when trying to use IDRViewerOptions with FormVu

  • [HTML-3198] - Image edges are pixelated when rotated in image text modes
    Added edge smoothing

  • [CORE-3300] - Complex clip shapes have rough pixelated edges
    Added edge smoothing

  • [CORE-3263] - Add support for invalid encoding array in Type 1 fonts
    Adds work-around for broken encoding dictionaries


  • [HTML-3197] - Improve text order when copying and pasting RTL text

  • [HTML-2817] - Problem with large numbers in Type 1 charstrings
    Fixed issue with handling of Type 1 to CFF conversion

  • [HTML-2824] - Some characters not rendering correctly

  • [HTML-3242] - Color difference in an image
    Improved YUV to RGB colour conversion accuracy

  • [HTML-3248] - Widths not passed through to web fonts correctly
    Fixes width lookup using incorrect character index value

  • [CORE-3346] - Post table not being correctly read

  • [CORE-3350] - CID Type1 font data does not render correctly in file

  • [CORE-3374] - Incorrect glyphs rendered for CID font

  • [CORE-3385] - Incorrect text positioning
    Fixes issue in handling of hex values in font names

  • [CORE-3387] - Characters incorrectly positioned
    Fixes issue in handling of charspacing in vertical text

  • [CORE-3388] - Type 1 font code doesn’t handle width claiming after subroutines

  • [CORE-3396] - PDF file with compressed objects using zero as value separator and missing object refs on objects does not open
    Added work-around for file not conforming to PDF spec

  • [CORE-3397] - XObject RunLength Image Decoding produces distorted output
    Adds work-around for file not correctly marking the end of image data

  • [CORE-3368] - Do not use DCT filter as factor when downsampling an image
    Allows DCT images to be downsampled

  • [CORE-3382] - Always use Alt value for ICCColorSpace if set
    Improves handling of DeviceGrey

  • [CORE-3407] - Incorrect text position affecting a very small percentage of files
    Fixes issue with negative kerning values not applied at the end of text blocks

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