June 2019 Release Notes

Release date: 25th June 2019

Next FormVu release: 6th August 2019


  • [HTML-3273] - Reduce SVG file size
    Small improvement to SVG file sizes

  • [HTML-3110] - Add support for patterned & shaded text in SVG text modes (text is appearing black)
    Adds image fallback for patterned/shaded text in SVG text modes

  • [HTML-3266] - Implement a max clip size for SoftClip to prevent excessive memory usage
    Improves memory usage

  • [HTML-3271] - Remove CFF font output setting
    Removed option as web browsers do not support CFF fonts

  • [CORE-3436] - Change font caching strategy to only cache on second use as files with lots of single use fonts causes memory issues
    Improves memory usage

  • [CORE-3427] - Remove unused ImageHandler interface
    Unused API removed


  • [HTML-3214] - Image gains a grey border when drawn to file

  • [HTML-3254] - Shape on page has grey border when it should not

  • [HTML-3268] - Font missing on converted HTML file
    Prevented font face being written out when font has no mappings

  • [HTML-3274] - Clip incorrectly flagged as not used in SVG text modes

  • [CORE-3247] - Wrong Font mapping is used for table text
    Fixed issue caused by missing font object

  • [CORE-3333] - Soft mask not correctly applied to shade

  • [CORE-3431] - Page rendered incorrectly when handling missing GS objects

  • [CORE-3432] - CMYK images appearing green after being converted to RGB
    Fixed issue in handling of color transform

  • [CORE-3433] - Improve character leading handling for vertical fonts
    Fixed issue with leading not correctly handled

  • [CORE-3435] - Fix JPEG marker decoding for file
    Fixed issue with image appearing black

  • [CORE-3439] - Text content missing from page in Viewer
    Fixed issue in DeviceRGB colorspace handling

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