2021.01 Release Notes

Release date: 12th January 2021

Next release: 23rd February 2021


Updated documentation website
We have now migrated our documentation from Zendesk to a Jekyll based website. We hope this change will allow us to make further improvements to the documentation going forwards.

[HTML-3439] - Add Flag to Inline FormVu JavaScript & CSS
Changes add a new flag inlineJavaScriptAndCSS (-Dorg.jpedal.pdf2html.inlineJavaScriptAndCSS) which will take the JavaScript and CSS files output as separate files and place them into style/script tags accordingly.

Can be used in conjunction with EmbedImagesAsBase64Stream, InlineSVG, IncludedFonts(woff_base64) in order to produce single form files.

[CORE-3695] - Change any usage of JPDFForms to FormVu in messages
Updated outdated messages that contained the old product name

[HTML-3431] - Improve letter-spacing accuracy
Updated calculation to ignore trailing spaces which improves accuracy

[HTML-3432] - Improve text alignment on contents pages
Improved detection of contents pages which improves accuracy

[JDEL-438] - Update copyright notices to 2021

[CORE-3367] - Tidy up and simplify usage of JPXDecode
Refactored code to simplify and improve maintainability

[CORE-3697] - Remove custom JPeg code
Refactored code to simplify and improve maintainability

[CORE-3703] - Fully implement DecodeArray on Mask images
Refactored code to simplify and improve maintainability

[CORE-3701] - Update documentation links to new support site
Updated messages that pointed to old support site URLs


[HTML-3434] - Exception occurs that prevents font being written out
Fixes font display in a customer file

[HTML-3442] - Add missing icons for file attachment annotations
Fixes missing FileAttachment annotation icons

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