2021.09 Release Notes

Release date: 21st September 2021

Next release: 2nd November 2021


[HTML-3523] Fixed a typo in the Javadoc (setMinFontsize → setMinFontSize)

[HTML-3522] Fixed a missing shape caused by incorrect handling of transparency group XObjects

[HTML-3445] Fixed an issue where fields with certain TU values would not be saved when saving back to PDF

[CORE-3802] Fixed an issue when parsing document outlines that could prevent the destination page from being decoded

[CORE-3801] Fixed an issue where form elements with a non-null BBox value were not displayed

[CORE-3791] Fixed a StackOverflowError caused by a self-referencing object which prevented conversion of the document

[CORE-3788] Fixed an exception in Flate decryption which prevented conversion of the document

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