2021.11 Release Notes

Release date: 2nd November 2021

Next release: 14th December 2021


[HTML-3535] Expanded the AcroForm JavaScript setting to support converting some page level defined JavaScript

[HTML-3547] Improved performance of FreeForm shades which resulted in a reduction in conversion time from 50 minutes to 2 minutes in a customer file

[CORE-3769] Internal refactoring to simplify error handling in Format2 font code

[CORE-3811] Internal refactoring to simplify CMAP handling in font code


[CORE-3814] Fixed a Lang key decoding issue that caused data in the PDF file to be skipped, leading to the font to display incorrect glyphs

[CORE-3813] Fixed a recursive loop when an object erroneously defines itself as a child which prevented the document from converting

[CORE-3804] Fixed an issue with an invalid enumerated space in JPEG2000 which resulted in an image not displaying correctly in a customer PDF

[CORE-3803] Fixed an issue where a layer was incorrectly treated as invisible leading to missing content in a customer PDF

[CORE-3805] Fixed an issue where a font was incorrectly treated as WIN encoded instead of MAC encoded which caused incorrect characters to be displayed

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