2022.01 Release Notes

Release date: 25th January 2022

Next release: 8th March 2022


New: IDRsolutions Maven Repository IDRsolutions now host a remote Maven repository which customers can use to simplify the process when adding FormVu as a dependency to Java projects. Learn more: Add FormVu as a Maven dependency

[HTML-3561] Added support for DR fonts in form elements, allowing embedded fonts only present in a form’s resources to correctly output. Any text the user inputs will correctly use this font. If desired, this can be disabled with the new setting -Dorg.jpedal.pdf2html.useDRFormFonts=false

[HTML-3584] Added support for form field values to use name objects. As a result, many checkboxes will now correctly output their value as set in the PDF. These values were previously present when using -Dorg.jpedal.pdf2html.noCheckboxOrRadioButtonImages=true but are now always output for consistency


[HTML-3573] Fixed backslashes and quotation marks not being written out inside the search.json file

[HTML-3580] Added documentation for new DRfont feature (enabled by default)

[CORE-3584] Fixed an issue when rasterizing multi-line form elements where the text field content would not wrap onto new lines

[CORE-3839] Fixed an issue with out of bounds image mask values which resulted in black rectangles incorrectly appearing in the image

[CORE-3822] Fixed an issue where thin lines were sometimes incorrectly removed

[CORE-3842] Fixed an issue with the incorrect use of a space character in Dictionary pair values that caused an exception that prevented conversion of the document

[CORE-3844] Fixed an infinite loop when parsing an invalid PDF file that ends with a truncated object

[CORE-3843] Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when decoding a form font that would prematurely end processing of the document

[CORE-3841] Fixed a StackOverflowError caused by a self-referencing dictionary object that prevented conversion of the document

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