2022.04 Release Notes

Release date: 19th April 2022

Next release: 31st May 2022


Java 18: FormVu has been tested against Java 18 (released March 2022) and no issues were found


HTML-3626 Updated exception handling to throw a PdfException when unexpected exceptions that prevent document conversion are encountered instead of logging to console without re-throwing the exception

HTML-3642 Extended AcroForm JavaScript Support to support calculation events

CORE-3865 Added a workaround to handle a malformed font which fixes a customer file where all text was squished at the start of each line

CORE-3863 Added a workaround to handle CFF based CID fonts that are incorrectly embedded as CIDFontType2 which fixes missing text in a customer file

CORE-3857 Added a workaround to handle an incorrect PDF document catalog /Lang value that caused an exception preventing conversion of the document

CORE-3856 Removed some unnecessary files in the JAR


HTML-3639 Fixed an onKeyDown event override that caused navigation to break in multi-line text fields

HTML-3609 Fixed a popup M value being decrypted twice in customer PDF

HTML-3619 Fixed an incompatibility with the Internet Explorer 11 Browser which caused content to not display correctly

HTML-3610 Fixed EmbeddedScript.js being output as a separate file despite the use of inlineJavaScriptAndCSS

HTML-3638 Fixed the compressImages setting which was being ignored

HTML-3637 Fixed an issue where transformed pattern/shade text was invisible in SVG text modes

CORE-3862 Fixed a missing image caused by an exception in the JBIG2 decoder

CORE-3861 Fixed an excessively pixelated image by increasing the resolution in the pattern tiling code

CORE-3843 Fixed an exception when parsing a form font which prevented conversion of the document

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