2022.05 Release Notes

Release date: 31st May 2022

Next release: 12th July 2022


DR Form Fonts: After some internal review, the org.jpedal.pdf2html.useDRFormFonts setting that output form DR fonts was not behaving as intended. As a result, the setting has been flagged as experimental and is now disabled by default.


HTML-3640 Improved the accuracy of our hidden text removal algorithm which fixes some false positives and false negatives

HTML-3625 Added prevention to stop form DR fonts from outputting when fonts are not embedded

CORE-3871 Internal refactoring of resource handling to better support use of FormVu with modules

HTML-3649 Internal refactoring of annotations writing code to improve maintainability

HTML-3646 Internal refactoring of the code responsible for building the converted documents to better organise the code, improve maintainability and allow for future developments


HTML-3623 Fixed AcroForm checkboxes not firing mouseUp event for custom JavaScript added with org.jpedal.pdf2html.enableAcroFormJS

HTML-3647 Fixed incorrect appearance of text caused by nested compound glyphs not being included when writing the font

HTML-3651 Fixed a file that failed to convert fully caused by a NullPointerException encountered when using a DownOn AP Image

CORE-3867 Fixed a file that failed to convert caused by /Order array with Layers not being correctly decoded

CORE-3868 Fixed a file that failed to convert fully caused by /OutputIntents not being correctly decoded

CORE-3870 Fixed missing text caused by a CIDFontType2 font incorrectly being flagged as invalid

CORE-3873 Fixed a missing image caused by incorrect handling when no matrix is provided for the image mask

CORE-3878 Fixed a blank page caused by incorrect handling of BaseState in a PDF with layers

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