2022.10 Release Notes

Release date: 4th October 2022

Next release: 15th November 2022


HTML-3681 Added transparent text for selection purposes in cases when text is rasterized for display accuracy purposes (such as soft clips)

HTML-3689 Added transparent text for selection purposes when text is used for clipping


HTML-3687 Fixed an issue where leaving form fields causes some images to flash across the page before changing to its expected size

HTML-3671 Fixed XFA documents rendering an additional page despite no content being added to the page

HTML-3377 Fixed an issue in XFA JavaScript where events would prevent being able to enter values into form fields for some PDF files

HTML-3358 Fixed broken display for certain XFA forms when viewed in Firefox after being converted on a specific environment

CORE-3896 Fixed an issue where Tiled and Pattern textures could have incorrect appearance as a result of a transformation being applied twice

CORE-3893 Fixed an exception when processing objects that reference a free (deleted) object which prevented conversion of the document

HTML-3683 Improve Javadoc for page range settings

HTML-3698 Remove incorrect mention of BouncyCastle in setPassword Javadoc