2022.11 Release Notes

Release date: 15th November 2022

Next release: 10th January 2023


Minimum Java version: We have updated our policy on our minimum Java version supported. Java 8 will continue to be the minimum supported version until October 2024 and we are strongly considering raising this to Java 11 thereafter. More details can be found at our FAQ


HTML-3704 Improved display for non-embedded fonts by adding a closer matching fallback font for Impact

HTML-3696 Improve XFA file saving functionality to use new encoding method and ensure all values are saved correctly in the resulting PDF

HTML-3709 Various SVG shape improvements

  • Use shortform hex colors where possible
  • Round miter limits to 3 decimal place (was float precision)
  • Round shapetext line width to 3 decimal place (was float precision)
  • Round shapetext opacities to 2 decimal place (was double precision)
  • Implemented stroke linecap & linejoin in svg_shapetext modes
  • Fixed miter limit not written out if value is 10 (10 is default in PDF, 4 is default in SVG)
  • Do not write out linecap if default value
  • Do not write out linejoin if default value
  • Do not write out miterlimit if linejoin is not miter
  • Do not write out miterlimit if default SVG value
  • Implemented dash phase on stroked shapes
  • Implemented blend modes on text in svg_shapetext modes

CORE-3899 Added optimizations to handling tensor shading in certain files, resulting in decreased conversion time

CORE-3903 Improved handling of PDF files with broken xref tables, which would previously result in a blank page displaying


HTML-3700 Fixed inability to type in form field due to maxlength being set to 0

CORE-3900 Fixed the inaccurate display of a text stroke which had a gap in the stroke due to an unclosed path in the glyph definition.