2023.01 Release Notes

Release date: 10th January 2023

Next release: 21st February 2023


HTML-3736 Added InputStream constructors to PDFtoHTML5Converter and PDFtoSVGConverter

JDEL-630 Reduced memory usage when writing PNG files by removing a duplicate of the image data array

HTML-3728 Expanded support of XFA access modifier. Ensuring that fields that shouldn’t have been editable are kept read-only/disabled

HTML-3728 Optimized when XFA re-layout occurs from events. Helping prevent rare cases where users would be kicked out of a date field before entering all data

HTML-3727 Implement minimal /Hide action support for Form conversions

HTML-3716 Implemented basic submit functionality for XFA buttons using a mailto:// URI

HTML-3652 Implemented improved detection/handling of mislabeled embedded CID fonts, resulting in better text layout in Firefox for rare files


HTML-3656 Fixed AcroForm calculation events not correctly applying due to a JavaScript Exception

HTML-3732 Fixed duplicate overlapping text not correctly aligning in a customer file

HTML-3679 Fixed issue where space width was set to zero in TrueType fonts

HTML-3693 Fixed display issue with incorrect text spacing caused by space character incorrectly set to 0 width in the source font

HTML-3737 Fixed DefaultIO code example not working with the trial jar by adding API used in DefaultIO to the obfuscation exclusion list

HTML-3713 Fixed issue where radio button changes did not trigger AcroForm JavaScript calculations, causing some fields to not update

HTML-3728 Fixed the XFA _xquery function from being considered iterable

HTML-3727 Fixed bug in AcroForm util.printd method where an undefined reference would cause the method to throw an error

HTML-3673 Fixed XFA conversion incorrectly including AcroForms conversion content, it will no longer be output

CORE-3913 Fixed issue with duplicate font indices which led to some text not displaying on a customer PDF

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