2023.08 Release Notes

Release date: 8th August 2023

Next release: 19th September 2023


HTML-3721 Implemented a new image downscaling algorithm providing the following benefits:

  • Fixes an issue with images containing high-alpha content being lighter than they should
  • Removes a subtle mottled effect on solid color blocks in images (e.g. white backgrounds)
  • Up to 5% reduction in overall file sizes
  • Comparable or improved image quality and conversion performance


HTML-3797 Fixed an issue with a bullet point displaying incorrectly caused by non-matching glyph counts in post/maxp tables in the font

HTML-3799 Fixed an issue where text with unsolvable display issues (e.g. missing mappings) could be incorrectly written out on the selection layer if it’s drawn with a pattern/texture

HTML-3800 Fixed an issue where incomplete GoTo, GoToR and Launch actions would be output while not being functional. As a result, these actions are no longer output.

CORE-3933 Fixed an issue with word spacing being added to incorrect character caused by an unusual font mapping

CORE-3942 Fixed an issue when a standard font would be missing data in some forms leading to misdrawn text

CORE-3951 Fixed an issue with some text glyphs displaying incorrectly caused by an errant indirect object reference inside a font object array

CORE-3949 Fixed an issue where comments in PostScript streams were not correctly being ignored which may have caused certain content to display incorrectly