2023.10 Release Notes

Release date: 31st October 2023

Next release: 12th December 2023


We have updated our guidance on our Java version support. We will be keeping our minimum compatible version as Java 8 until October 2024, when it will be raised to Java 17. Find out more at our updated FAQ.


HTML-3820 Implemented the AcroForm SubmitForm action for buttons when submitting as HTML or PDF formats. FDF and XFDF formats are not supported currently.

HTML-3820 Improved the handling of mailto: URI submissions in AcroForms. The file will now be downloaded, a draft email opened, and a prompt will be given to the user to attach the file.

HTML-3827 Various code quality improvements applied to AcroForm JavaScript handling, including an improved approach to event propagation and the use of a minified file, leading to a 156 KB reduction in file size.

HTML-3834 Implemented handling for groups of Checkboxes, they will now match the behaviour seen in other PDF renderers (such as Adobe Acrobat).

HTML-3751 Improved the XFA point to pixel conversion, leading to a higher accuracy positional output of conversions.

CORE-3966 Internal refactoring of the code responsible for decoding the PDF catalog object to improve maintainability & memory usage.


HTML-3831 Fixed a CSS issue which led to Popup annotations with an inaccurate height, leading to a “squashed” appearance.

CORE-3956 Fixed an issue where a file was unable to open/convert due to a URI key being incorrectly read as a Dictionary.

CORE-3962 Improved handling of partially corrupted PDF streams which caused unpredictable behaviour such as infinite loops, missing content or distorted shapes.

CORE-3964 Fixed an issue with object reference boolean value not being read, causing missing sections of the PDF.

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