2024.03 Release Notes

Release date: 5th March 2024

Next release: 16th April 2024


Java 22: FormVu has been tested against Java 22 (final release candidate) and no issues were found


HTML-3836 Added support for handling combo boxes with the editable flag set. Allowing for files which include the fields to type in custom answers, while maintaining the combo box selection options and functionality

HTML-3844 Added handling for the sorting flag in choice fields. They will now be appropriately handled.

HTML-3854 Aligned cssSuffix rules for v and m CSS classes with s rules, which means page number suffixes are no longer added for one-page documents.

CORE-4005 Added support for PDF files larger than 2.14GB

CORE-4008 Added support for vertical fonts when defined at font level rather than PDF level, resolving a situation where vertical fonts could be incorrectly aligned horizontally

CORE-4009 Improved our UTF-8 Support for PDFs. Metadata, bookmarks and layers now support UTF-8 text streams


HTML-3856 Fixed an error which caused trials to incorrectly add a JPedal watermark on every image

CORE-4006 Fixed a shading issue which was caused by PDF 1.1 handling of resources for XObjects. This would previously result in certain shading effects to not output at all.

CORE-4011 Fixed a font mapping issue where an incorrectly defined cmap sub-table was being used, leading to certain special characters to not be shown in file output

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