2024.04 Release Notes

Release date: 16th April 2024

Next release: 28th May 2024


HTML-3850 Added support for buttons in AcroForm files which use the submit action. The current supported submission formats are XML, HTTP, and PDF.

HTML-3868 Improvements have been made to our hidden text detection. Text which would previously appear over an image after conversion will now be correctly set to transparent.

CORE-4020 Internally improved our cached object handling to reduce memory consumption.

HTML-3869 Tweaked space detection code to add space characters at the end of text blocks less aggressively, improving files where spaces were being added when they didn’t need to be. This has no impact on visual display, only on text extraction.


HTML-3862 Fixed a NullPointerException/IllegalArgumentException which prevented conversions from completing. This could happen when unexpected Tab-order values are provided in PDFs.

CORE-3965 Fixed an issue where a Type 1 font prepended with bad data reports as TrueType which caused a substitute font to be used and the font display to be less accurate.

CORE-4016 Fixed an issue where converted pages could appear blank due to misread URI from Catalog object.

CORE-4019 Fixed the default colour being incorrect when colorspace is changed.

CORE-4021 Add support for version 0.5 maxp tables to OpenType font code, fixing a bug where lines of text could place all characters at the start of the line.

CORE-4022 Prevent unnecessary ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions being logged when fonts rely on the CFF table for mapping rather than also supplying a cmap table.

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