2024.05 Release Notes

Release date: 28th May 2024

Next release: 9th July 2024


An improvement to fractional white lines was added in daily builds after version 2024.05.30. It adds a new setting which is enabled by default, with a value of 0.3. If you have feedback about this feature, please let us know.


HTML-3751 Large overhaul in the XFA data mapping functionalities in converted content. Fields that were previously unpopulated, may now be correctly implemented, and certain JavaScript behaviour has been improved

CORE-4028 Added caching of masked content, improving conversion performance in some files


HTML-3686 Fixed clip removal algorithm not taking line thickness into account, which in rare circumstances could cause shapes to be visible that should be hidden

CORE-4031 Fixed an issue where hex values in Name constants were not read correctly causing characters to become garbled

CORE-4033 Fixed a form positioning issue that could rarely happen when flattening forms for images

FormVu Microservice:

Updated to reject files with problematic filenames

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