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    Mads Møller

    I would like to suggest to fix the duplicate image reference issue. Lets say a PDF has a company logo in the footer of each page in the PDF and the PDF has 200 pages. Now your export generares 200 identical images placed in different folders.

    Could be please have an option to specify “removeDuplicateImageReference” plus the ability to only have one image folder instead of per page?


    Leon Atherton

    Hi Mads,

    Thanks for the suggestion – we are always looking at ways to reduce filesize and improve performance.

    This is certainly something that’s possible and something we have considered before. It does have some complexity regarding how the images are drawn (e.g. they may have different clips, scalings, blend modes, etc) and whether the PDF itself actually contains separate images or shares the same reference.

    Given that it would only benefit a very small percentage of PDF files, it’s not something that we are currently looking to develop.

    However if this is important to you, we would be happy to explore adding it as a paid enhancement. If that is of interest to you I would recommend getting in touch with our sales team for more information.

    Leon Atherton

    Product Manager – JPDF2HTML5

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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