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    Are there official best practices for embedding IDRViewer with other content if avoiding using an iframe is a requirement? For example, I have a bunch of content above the primary IDRVIewer div elements (left, main, idrviewer) and bunch of content below those div elements on the page. When the viewer code gets output, it assumes that it is the only content on the page (understandably); however, that is not the case for my use scenario and was wondering what you guys recommended here to make sure the viewer, the pdf converted content, and the other page content all get rendered correctly without stepping on each other’s toes so to speak.



    Leon Atherton

    We don’t have any general recommendations for this – it should be able to handle being a different size in the browser. If you have a specific example of what’s not working well, we may be able to comment on that.



    Sure – see here:

    In my opinion, the viewer should “just work” if embedded in a page with other content above/below it – other competing viewers manage to do this. With all the absolute positioning on the main divs, it makes embedding this thing a pain (i.e. needs to be modified). I got the above working, but only after modifying CSS, and I still don’t have the #leftContent working right.



    Ok – got left panel working on a different URL – nonetheless, I stand by my opinion that it should “just work” – even if embedded in other content.


    Leon Atherton

    The IDRViewer itself (the component inside the div with the id ‘idrviewer’) is designed to “just work” with other content on the page. Our example UIs have not been designed that way.

    Our goal is not to offer an end solution that tries to meet all possible use case scenarios as it would be impossible to please everyone. Instead, our objctive is to offer a flexible solution to meet the majority of use case scenarios, and when that’s not possible to provide the nuts and bolts that make it easy for our clients to build a solution that does meet their requirements.

    If there is going to be other content on the same page our clients usually want to design their own UI to surround the viewer too, which is something we designed to be easy.

    We currently have 4 example UIs which range in complexity and show how you can design your own front end exactly to your requirements.

    The IDRViewer API is described here and shows how to interact with the IDRViewer component.



    Yeah – it works for sure – with tweaking. I was able to make it work – that’s not the issue – I am just trying to give feedback. All of the examples that you linked to are not embedded with other content on the page. I think if you had some examples that showed the viewer with content around it, it might be helpful to other customers – and the process of doing so might help development of the viewer. I am not suggesting that you accommodate every use scenario – just one that probably a lot of people will run into (i.e. IDRViewer not the only thing on the page).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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