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    Leon Atherton

    No. PDF is a fixed layout file format and does not contain any information about how to reflow a document.

    The focus of JPDF2HTML5 is to generate a faithful representation of the PDF file.

    We have also written a useful blog post which explains in more detail the isues with creating responsive content from PDF files.


    Stefan H.

    It’s absolutely understandable that PDFs cannot be converted to responsive HTML5 automatically. However some month ago the Viewer had some mobile features like swipe, fixed navigation even on mobile devices, custom zoom … We are not able to find these features in the latest releases. Are these features hidden somewhere or gone even in future releases?


    Leon Atherton

    We released a major update to the IDRViewer in July 2016 which separated the UI from the core viewer functionality, making it easy to create a custom front end (we provide 4 examples – Complete, Clean, Simple, Slideshow). The release also contained a number of other improvements for performance and extensibility (e.g. adding transition effects).

    It was not possible to port the old mobile mode over to the new version due to fundamental design differences. We made the decision to drop support for the mobile mode as it had a number of unresolvable limitations, was only used by a very small number of clients, and because we always have the option of releasing the old (unsupported) source code if any of our customers rely on it (which we have not had to do so far).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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