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    Hi, I tried to do a conversion of a PDF form and it appears that the tab ordering that is set in the PDF fields is not the same when converted to html. Is there any setting I am missing or something that can be done so that the tab ordering is kept.



    Kieran France

    The tab order should be preserved in the conversion output.

    If the order does not match could you submit the file with a bug report and we will investigate.



    I see what is happening, this is a multipage form. I see the tabindex starts at 1 for every page. When viewing in html all the pages it starts skipping back and forward. Probably this should be taken into account and for multipage form continue with the tabindex without resetting it.


    Kieran France

    This behaviour isn’t present in Chrome or Internet Explorer but is present in Firefox. Looking at another multi page form file I can confirm this behaviour. Firefox appears to be tabbing in order working through all the index 1 objects then moving on to index 2 and so on.

    Can you please submit a bug report with your file.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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