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    Pooja Bhargavi


    We have been using OpenViewerFX for the past one year in our project, version 6.2. OpenViewerFX works for smaller pdfs (sizes in kBs). When opening larger pdfs whose sizes are in MBs, it takes time to load the pdf and also the scrolling is very slow. Even after increasing the memory of the application also we still notice that the scroll does not happen seamlessly. After trying to increase the memory of the application to 2GB also, the scroll was very slow.

    Opening default file in OpenViewerFX code:
    openViewer = new OpenViewerFX(scroll_pane, “null”);

    Can you please suggest us how this issue can be resolved? Does OpenViewerFX support large pdf files at all?
    Also are there new releases on the open source version of OpenViewerFX or is it stopped?
    Are there some documentations for OpenViewerFX which we could use to solve our problem?

    Thank you



    Hi Pooja,
    We are no longer updating the separate OpenViewerFX-src. Instead we are focusing on our NetBeans plugin which uses OpenViewerFX to display PDF files.


    Pooja Bhargavi

    Hi Bethan,

    Our project is not NetBeans project. Can this NetBeans plugin be used in eclipse project? If so would it support larger pdfs and is this an open source?

    Or is there a way to support large pdfs in OpenViewerFX itself?

    Could you please suggest?

    Thank you


    Mark Stephens

    NetBeans plugin project is aimed at NetBeans platform development.

    Unless you are streaming PDF across an http connection (in which case it needs to download the whole PDF before it can access), size should not be an issue. The PDF file format is designed to scale with file size. We have lots of useful articles on how the PDF file format works at

    If the pages in OpenViewerFX are slow to decode it may be due to the content. It uses imageIO (which is slow for the image changes you need in Java and the main reason we wrote our own Image library – JDeli). If it is slow to render, it may be down to the number of elements on the page – this is a bottleneck in JavaFX itself. I would stick to single page display.


    Pooja Bhargavi

    Okay Thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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