Command Line API

JDeli includes a simple API. JDeli is written in Java but can be used from other languages or command line.

How to use JDeli from Command Line or any language

JDeli takes a set of commands which allow easy access to JDeli features. This list will appear if no commands are used or using the help command as follows.

java -jar jdeli.jar --help


Examples to Compress PNG files

//compress png file and save as "pdfFile_compressed.png"
java -jar jdeli.jar --compresspng "pdfFile.png"

Examples to Convert image formats

//Convert all files in the input folder to png files
java -jar jdeli.jar --convert "png" "input/dir/" "output/dir"

//Convert the specified file to png files
java -jar jdeli.jar --convert "png" "pdfFile.jpg" "output/dir"