Release August 2019 8.16.30

Version 8.16.30: 30th August 2019

Next release date: 4th October 2019

Key features at a glance

  • Added new Image Processing Option to put text watermarks over an image.
  • We got 3 new write methods which will allow much greater control over image output (option of jp2 or jpx for jpeg2000 output in this release).
  • API now provides image info on any image in json format (image-specific options such as tiff IPTC metadata will be added in future releases).
  • Support for PNG interlacing.
  • Further speed and memory enhancements.
  • Bug Fixes for specific customer files.


  • [JDEL-241]- Add watermark feature
    processing function to add text watermark over an image
  • [JDEL-242]-Add PNG interlacing support for PNG
    fix client file viewing issue by adding PNG interlacing support.
  • [JDEL-240]-added image info feature for JDeli
    Added new feature to view image info in json format.


  • [JDEL-242]- PNG Image cannot be viewed by Jdeli.

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