Release July 2019 8.15.26

Version 8.14.28: 26th July 2019

Next release date: 30th August 2019

Key features at a glance

  • Tested on Java13
  • Up to 20% memory improvement on writing jpeg2000 images
  • Up to 20% speed improvement in writing jpeg images
  • Selection of new Image processing operations (blur, gaussian blur, emboss, Kernel)
  • Improved documentation on JDeli here
  • Bug fixes


  • [JDEL-234]-jpeg encoding speed by 20%
    Improved speed performances
  • [JDEL-194]-improve memory usage in jpeg2000 encoder
    Memory improvements upto 20%
  • [JDEL-233]-Make kernel generic, not limited to 3 x 3
    Improvement for jdeli image processing operations
  • [JDEL-233]-added Gaussian blur operation
    Added new image processing operations
  • [JDEL-230]-Emboss Operation
    Added new image processing operations


  • [JDEL-235] - When converting multi page PDF to JPEG all pages after first are corrupted
  • [JDEL-194]Image To PDF creates broken, empty PDF if no image

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