Release November 2019

Version 2019.11: 20th November 2019 (early release)

Next release date: 13th December 2019

Key features at a glance

  • Change to the new versioning scheme. Details in this blog post.
  • EMF to SVG conversion added. Link to supporting article.
  • WMF to SVG conversion added. Link to supporting article.
  • Additional filtering results in smaller PNG file size in some cases.
  • Defaults for all of the encoders are now smaller file sizes and not faster decoding.
  • General Bug Fixes.


  • [JDEL-287] - Add support for EMF/WMF to SVG conversion
    toSVG() method added for conversion using WMFDecoder/EMFDecoder
  • [JDEL-287] - Add Filtering to PNG encoder to reduce PNG filesize output (on by default)
    Filter added to reduce PNG file sizes.
  • [JDEL-292] - Change default Tiff option to Deflate compressed (from NONE) for writing Tiff files
    Smaller file sizes as the default option for conversion


  • [JDEL-274] - Improved WMFDecoder handling of WMF files
  • [JDEL-294] - Broken Png causes an infinite loop in JDeli
  • [JDEL-295] - Corrupted Png files hangs JDeli

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