Release October 2019 8.18.25

Version 8.18.25: 25th October 2019

Next release date: 13th December 2019

Key features at a glance

  • Support for EMF to SVG conversion
  • Default for PNG output now smaller files at similar speed to ImageIO - configurable for extra speed or more lossy compression
  • Javadoc updated with new EmfDecoder class
  • Replace and remove any deprecated Java methods used in JDeli code
  • General Bug Fixes.
  • Heif to be expected in next rollout.


  • [JDEL-275] - Scan Jdeli for deprecated methods and fix
    No deprecated classes now used in JDeli library
  • [JDEL-280] - Default settings for PNG not comparable speed to ImageIO, smaller files
    Out of box settings now give comparable speed to ImageIO with smaller output files.


  • [JDEL-278] - Regression in JDeli with modules due to new packages not being exported

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