Release September 2019 8.18.04

Version 8.18.04: 04th October 2019

Next release date: 25th October 2019

Key features at a glance

  • Updated Image Processing Option Watermark to allow the following
  • allow multiple lines for Text WaterMark
  • allow adding different shapes as a watermark
  • add images as watermark
  • This watermarks can be added at a different position of source image: Center, FittoImage or Use_Shape_Coordinates:
  • Improvements to TIff, JPEG support
  • New encoderOptions methods added to JDeli write. Will allow control of each image file format via JDeli.write and read. Old methods deprecated.
  • Further speed and memory enhancements.
  • General Bug Fixes.
  • Heif to be expected in next rollout.


  • [JDEL-265] - Add multiple lines to watermark feature
    processing function to add multiple lines in text watermark over an image
  • [JDEL-264] - add shapes and images for watermark
    processing function to allow shapes and images as a watermark over an image
  • [JDEL-258] - TiffEncoder now uses TiffEncoderOptions
    Deprecate old methods for ease of use
  • [JDEL-254] - Provide more control over Image output in JDeli with EncoderOptions and 3 new write methods
    Provide more control over Image output in JDeli
  • [JDEL-249] - Merge duplicate methods for JDeli seeing if we support reading and writing
    Deprecate old methods for ease of use


  • [JDEL-267] - Unable to use TiffDecoder
  • [JDEL-266] - Allow JPEGDecoder to work multiple times

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