Release November 2020

Version 2020.11: 27th November 2020

Next release date: 23rd December 2020

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes
    • Improvements to ImageIO Plug-in functionality
  • BMP is now even faster and has smaller filesizes
  • New and improved support site
  • You can now set tiff DPI


  • [JDEL-307] - BMP writes much faster and has smaller filesize compared to Apache
  • [JDEL-418] - Store IFD data
  • [JDEL-420] - NPE execution thrown if unsupported tag used in Tiff IFD
  • [JDEL-411] - Allow setting of Tiff DPI
  • [JDEL-415] - New JDeli.getImageInfo((File or byte[] or inputStream) method (note removal of old String version) Improves the retrieval of image metadata and JDeli.getImageInfo(String) has been removed so all methods match ImageIO


  • [JDEL-413] - Investigate issue in ImageIO Fixed
  • [JDEL-424] - PNG file does not open Fixes by stopping decoding when end keyword found
  • [JDEL-426] - LogWriter class not found in JDeli jar Fixed
  • [JDEL-429] - Issue writing Jpeg via ImageIO Fixes compression with Jpeg

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