Release October 2020

Version 2020.10: 30th October 2020

Next release date: 27th November 2020

Key features at a glance

  • ImageIO plugin support - automatically used by ImageIO if on classpath
  • Our Heic decoder is now even better with faster speeds, reduced memory usage and many more fixes
  • General bug fixes


  • [JDEL-383] - add .heif for heic
    Make the .heif file ending recognisable to heic decoder.
  • [JDEL-410] - Heic Improvements : reduced memory usage, speed improvements, fixes for several formats and insufficient streams in files
  • [JDEL-401] - support for imageIO plugin
    Add support for customers using ImageIO, ImageIO now automatically uses out code when present in the classpath.


  • [JDEL-398] - Image does not work in JDeli
    catch JPEGs with incomplete image data.
  • [JDEL-406] - Command line conversion with JDeli, infinite loops if the output folder is in the same directory as the input files
  • [JDEL-407] - Command line help message is out of date

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