Release April 2021

Version 2021.04: 30th April 2021

Next release date: 28th May 2021

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes
  • Improvements to Javadoc
  • 10% improvement to HEIC encoding memory usage
  • 5% improvements to JPEG decoding speed


  • JDEL-458 Improve memory usage by 10% for HEIC encoding
  • JDEL-510 JPEG decoding 5% speed improvements


  • JDEL-508 ImageIO reports UnsupportedOperationException with setting compression types Fixed
  • JDEL-504 fix WEBP subImaging Fixed
  • JDEL-503 JDeli - fix exception found in GIF to PNG conversion Fixed
  • JDEL-500 Issue with PNG when Quantised Fixed