Release January 2021

Version 2021.01: 29th January 2021

Next release date: 26th February 2021

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes
  • HEIC encoder now has even smaller file sizes
  • PNG encoder is now even faster


  • [JDEL-419] - Allow TIFF XResolution and YResolution to be set and used in JDeli.write
  • [JDEL-436] - Add tests for imageio thumbnail support
  • [JDEL-438] - Update copyright year to 2021
  • [JDEL-455] - Speed up PNG encoder by caching D3 / D4 processing if possible speed up PNG encoding by only recalculating D3 and D4 if they change and cache otherwise.
  • [JDEL-439] - Add new ToARGB() processing operation
  • [JDEL-450] - Heic reduce memory usage and fix odd widths


  • [JDEL-451] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException from JPEG file when not enough data provided Fixed
  • [JDEL-453] - Debug Metadata issues Fixed

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