Release March 2021

Version 2021.03: 26th March 2021

Next release date: 30th April 2021

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes
  • can now setCompression for webp encoding
  • JMH testing
  • improvements to Javadocs
  • Rotation is now available in the command line


  • [JDEL-484] - Add the ability to rotate in command line
  • [JDEL-311] - Add JPEG as an option for TIFF compression
  • [JDEL-486] - Add the ability to set compression on WebP Encoder
  • [JDEL-488] - Investigate compression in ImageIO plugin
  • [JDEL-479] - Investigate optimum initial flate size


  • [JDEL-408] - Dark colors get darker and light colors get lighter when saving images as WebP Fixed
  • [JDEL-482] - Fix height metadata returning incorrect values Fixed
  • [JDEL-496] - JpegEncoder does not write sub images Fixed
  • [JDEL-498] - Open JPEG files which has more frames Fixed

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