2022.03 Release Notes

Release date: 30th March 2022

Next release: 11th May 2022

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes
  • Fully implemented WebP Encoding including transparency support
  • Improved JPEG and GIF Decoding
  • New JDeli Viewer


  • JDEL-518 Support for lossless transparency in WebP Encoding

  • JDEL-533 Simple Image Viewer in JDeli called from View action

  • Reduced JDeli JAR size


  • JDEL-572 Image cuts off when there are multiple anchor points in gradient Fixed

  • JDEL-569 Sped up reading of embedded thumbnails Fixed

  • JDEL-568 Thumbnails of HEIC images taken on iPhones are oriented incorrectly. Fixed

  • JDEL-565 Improvements to GIF reading to handle more broken files Fixed

  • JDEL-564 Thumbnails of images taken on Androids are oriented incorrectly. Fixed

  • JDEL-316 Increased default WMF image dimensions when no dimensions given Fixed

  • JDEL-350 Better handling of odd EMF files to support more files Fixed

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