2022.08 Release Notes

Release date: 3rd August 2022

Next release: 14th September 2022

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes
  • You can now specify a percentage of zoom in the JDeli Viewer
  • New jar that includes JDeli and our ImageIO Plugin
  • You can now check if a HEIC file is a multi-frame file
  • Optimisations and additions to our support site and Javadoc
  • Tested on JDK 19


  • JDEL-602 Add ability to check image type and if HEIC file is a multi-frame

  • JDEL-601 Add class to support registering and unregistering formats to use JDeli with ImageIO
    You can now choose on registration which formats you want to use JDeli with.

  • JDEL-594 Allow convert method with ImageProcessingOptions to be used on byte/InputStream and also write image to BufferedImage

  • JDEL-596 Update support documentation with 2 new convert methods and 1 new write method

  • JDEL-592 Add JDeli with ImageIO jar
    We now have a jar that contains both JDeli and our ImageIO Plugin, so you can now use JDeli with your ImageIO code.

  • JDEL-587 Improve zoom feature in viewer
    You can now specify the percentage of zoom.


  • JDEL-593 Fix Javadoc link view in JDeli help menu