2023.03 Release Notes

Release date: 1st March 2023

Next release: 12th April 2023

Key features at a glance

New features and Enhancements

  • JDEL-639 Add cropping function

  • JDEL-650 add convert and write to byte method including encoder options

  • JDEL-636 Tika for metadata and detection

  • JDEL-638 Reduce memory usage on getImageInfo method

  • JDEL-651 add gps tags reading support for exif readers

  • JDEL-652 jpeg memory usage reduce by half


  • JDEL-643 Possible rotation issue

  • JDEL-645 Case 7888: Out of bounds exception on HEIC file

  • JDEL-646 Refactor byte and inputstream methods to not use temp file

  • JDEL-635 Clarify JDeli scaling operation