Add as a Gradle dependency

This tutorial assumes that the JDeli jar file is named “jdeli.jar”, if you’re using the trial jar, make sure to rename the file to “jdeli.jar” before following this step.

In order to use JDeli in a Gradle project, you will need to add the jar to the project as a dependency. To do this you will need to first download the JDeli jar by signing up for a JDeli trial or by visiting the customer download page.

First add JDeli jar into your project lib folder, and then either:

Option 1

Add a flatDir repository and a dependency to the build.gradle file.

repositories {
    flatDir {
        dirs 'lib'

dependencies {
    implementation 'idrsolutions:jdeli'

Option 2

Add a file dependency to the build.gradle file.

dependencies {
    implementation files('lib/jdeli.jar')

(Version tested: Gradle 6.6.1)

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