Add as a Maven dependency

In order to use JDeli in a Maven project, you will need to add the jar to the project as a dependency. This can be done in two ways.


  1. Download the JDeli jar from here
  2. Install jar into your local maven repository
    mvn install:install-file -Dfile=<path-to-JDeli-jar> -DgroupId=com.idrsolutions -Dpackaging=jar -DartifactId=jdeli -Dversion=1.0  
  3. Once done this can be added to your project by adding the following to your pom file dependencies.

    The example above is using the values from step 2, if you used custom values you will need to update these.

Using Our Remote Repository

  1. In order to use our remote repository, you need to add your login information to your user settings.xml, this can be found in your .m2 directory (usually in %userprofile%\.m2\ for windows, and ~/.m2/ for linux/mac). If settings.xml does not already exist, you can create it yourself (A reference for the file can be found here).

    Once in your settings.xml, add the following to your servers:

            <username>{Customer Username or Trial Token}</username>
            <password>{Customer Password or Trial Token}</password>

    Please note that if you’re trying to access the trial jar then you must set both the username and password to your trial token

  2. Then, in your project’s pom file, you can add our remote repository with:
           <name>IDR Solutions</name>
  3. Finally, also in your project’s pom file, you need to add JDeli as a dependency:

    Customer Artifact IDs:

    • jdeli where version is in the format YYYY.MM

    Trial Artifact IDs:

    • jdeli-trial where version is in the format YYYY.MM

    Daily Builds:

    Customers may access daily builds with the following artifact IDs. Please note that we only store the most recent daily build.

    • jdeli-daily where version is in the format YYYY.MM.DD

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