HEIC Converter

JDeli is able to open and export images as HEIC files, giving a complete bulk HEIC converter between HEIC file format and lots of other image file formats.

JDeli can do this in ONE step with the convert method or separately open and export the HEIC image.

Batch Convert images to HEIC from Command Line or other language

java -jar jdeli.jar --convert heic "inputFileOrDir" "outputDir"

Convert into HEIC or from a HEIC image file in Java

JDeli.convert(File inFile, File outFile);

JDeli.convert(InputStream inFile, OutputStream outfile, String format);

byte[] outputData=JDeli.convert(byte[] inputData, String format);

An additional set of methods allow values to be passed in which can give more control over conversion, depending on the image formats being converted (ie different image compression options).

View Javadoc on JDeli.convert

Multiple steps method for converting to or from HEIC file format

  1. Open Image Formats with JDeli…
  2. Process image
  3. Export Image Formats with JDeli…