Read Dicom image in Java

You can read Dicom images in Java with JDeli’s Dicom Decoder.

Key information:

  • Compression: Uncompressed, jpeg2000, jpeg, jpeg lossless
  • Frame: Single or multi frame

Quick start:

BufferedImage dicomImage =;


DicomDecoder decoder = new DicomDecoder();
BufferedImage image =;

See the full Javadoc

Read Multi frame Dicom files

This needs the DicomDecoder class

File file = new File("dcm file location");
DicomDecoder dec = new DicomDecoder();
int totalFrames = dec.getFrameCount(file);
for (int i = 1; i <= totalFrames; i++) {
   BufferedImage image = i , file); // i is the frame number
   // do whatever with image data