Read Tiff image in Java

You can read Tiff images in Java with JDeli’s Tiff Decoder.

Key information:

  • Compression: CCITT 3,4, Pack bit, LZW, Adobe Deflate, JPEG technote2 and Deflate
  • Colorspace: bilevel, grayscale, rgb, argb, cmyk, acmyk, ycbcr
  • Bits Per Sample: 1 to 32
  • Byte Ordering: Little and Big Endian
  • Other: Single, Multi-file, Tiling, Planar (Chunky, Separated), Predictor, 16/32-bit floating samples

Quick start:

BufferedImage tiffImage =;


TiffDecoder decoder = new TiffDecoder();
BufferedImage image =;

See the full Javadoc

Read Multi-page Tiff files

This needs the TiffDecoder class

TiffDecoder decoder = new TiffDecoder();
int imageCount = decoder.getImageCount(tiffImageFile);
for (int i = 0; i<= imageCount; i++) {
    BufferedImage decodedImage =, tiffImageFile);
    // Insert BufferedImage handling code here