How to hide line weights in the Viewer?

This can be done in one of two ways.

  1. In the properties file, update the value of hideLineWeights to true
    • Note that your current properties file can also be updated from within the Viewer by selecting Edit -> Preferences -> Page Display -> Hide Line Weights then clicking okay.
  2. From within your code using PdfDecoder.modifyNonstaticJPedalParameters(Map<Integer, Object>) as shown below
    //Create a new Map or provide a pre-existing one to update.  
    final HashMap<Integer, Object> parameters = new HashMap<>();  
    parameters.put(JPedalSettings.HIDE_LINE_WEIGHTS, Boolean.TRUE);  
    //Create a PdfDecoder object or provide your own  
    PdfDecoder pdfDecoder = new PdfDecoder();  

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