February 2017 Release (24/2/2017) (7.10b24)

Key features at a glance

  • Handling of complex clipping shapes in the Viewer has been improved
  • PDF permission flags are now accessible
  • Viewer will now re-prompt for password
  • SGI files can now be drag-and-dropped into the Viewer
  • Low level code rewrite has fixed several odd issues with some PDF files and reduced size of code base
  • General fixes for customer files

Changes and Enhancements

  • CORE-2793 – Complex clip shapes no longer distort at various scalings
  • CORE-2826 – Implemented method in PdfUtilities to provide access to permissions
  • JPED-29 – SwingViewer now dynamically resamples 1bit grayscale images
  • JPED-28 – Dragging .sgi files into JPedal Viewer now supported
  • JPED-30 – ConvertPagesToImages updated to accept 3/4 parameters like Doc suggests
  • JPED-22 – Viewer will reprompt for password until correct one is given or user cancels
    Now added
  • JPED-23 – Warn users when opening the Annotations tab in encrypted/password protected PDFs that they cannot save new/edited annotations
  • JPED-26 – Fixed page scaling issue to allow all line annotations to be drawn completely

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