June 2017 Release (30/6/2017) (7.14.30)

Release date: 30th June 2017 (7.14.30)

Key features at a glance

  • A new embedded file extraction example has been added
  • Accuracy of ink annotations has been improved
  • AP objects are now added to more annotation types
  • General fixes for customer files


  • [JPED-87] – New embedded file extraction example
    We have added a new embedded file extraction example. This allows the quick and easy extraction of embedded files and file attachments without using the Viewer.
  • [JPED-108] – Improvement to accuracy of inklist curve generation
    The new curve generation for ink annotations added for AP support has improved accuracy.
  • [JPED-109] – Ink annotations selection border appearing incorrect in other Viewers
    A fix has been added to ensure that when saving an ink annotation to a file then opening it in other readers the selection before for the ink annotations is not misplaced.
  • [CORE-2857] – Add AP object to newly created Circle annotations
  • [CORE-2859] – AP objects now added to newly created Polyline Annotations
  • [CORE-2862] – AP objects now added to newly created Ink Annotations


  • [JPED-94] – Layers not appearing in Viewers layer list
  • [JPED-121] – Text not displaying when using fonts where mandatory /Subtype is not set
    Type1 is now used for unknown font formats, allowing these fonts to be displayed.
  • [JPED-2874] – Correctly handle valid named Dest which is actually null
  • [JPED-2878] – Correctly handle URI Dictionary attached to Page Object

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