March 2017 Release (31/3/2017) (7.11b31)

Key features at a glance

  • PDF Portfolio support has been added to the Viewer
  • Checkstyle formatting has been applied to the code base
  • This is the last release before we move on to Java 8
  • Low level code rewrite has fixed several odd issues with some PDF files and reduced size of code base
  • General fixes for customer files

Changes and Enhancements

  • CORE-2812 – Add PDF Portfolio support
  • CORE-2831 – Remove isPrinting from internal Font code as no longer needed in Type3
  • CORE-2835 – Forms missing if PDF is repeatedly converted to image
  • CORE-2832 – Byte stream code to remove spurious LF/CR incorrectly truncates a data stream
  • CORE-2842 – Fix issue where GraphicsState might be null
  • CORE-2846 – Allow for addition of zero length FlateDecode (or other stream) in PDF file
  • CORE-2847 – PdfDecoder returns total pages as 0 when customer file rendered
    Fixed – improved XFA based HTML parser
  • CORE-2841 – Issue with incorrect Glyf mapping in customer CidFont0 PDF
  • JPED-6 – Pdf throws NumberFormatException and doesn’t save
  • JPED-39 – Fix issue with deleting annotations

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